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13 Bizarre Secrets Behind Celebrity Careers

Witchcraft? Worldwide conspiracy? You always knew there was something else at play behind Lady Gaga or whoever your most hated celebrity is.


If You Could Send One Message Back to Your Teenage Self

Look Science, we're not picky. We don't need to be bodily transported in a sports car, and might not even want to if the 'Terminator' nude-clause end up being true. Give us the time traveling mailbox from that Sandra Bullock movie, and you can take the rest of the month off.


If Autocorrect Existed Throughout History

People love showing off all the ways that autocorrect has turned their innocent conversations into filth ridden tirades about sex with family members. We asked you to imagine a world where autocorrect has been butting in on communications throughout history.


21 Movie Villains with Secret Good Intentions

Look, we concede that more often than not, movie bad guys usually deserve the horrible, awful deaths they receive in the end. But, hey -- as in real life, misunderstandings can occur in the movies also.


21 Special FX (Probably) Behind Famous Movie Scenes

We're always stunned to see how some of our favorite movie scenes looked while they were filming them, with all of the wires, green screens and stunt doubles still visible. We show you the behind-the-scenes wizardry that Hollywood (probably) used that they don't want us to know about.


15 Secret Business Plans of Famous Companies Revealed

If businessmen are to be believed, every successful idea started as a chart in a PowerPoint presentation. For instance, Gillette's business model must be a simple flowchart that only has one box that says


If Content Warning Labels Were Honest

They put little stickers on albums to let you know they have explicit lyrics, but they never put a label telling you that it only has one good song on it. Show us the content warnings they should be required to put on albums, games and movies that would actually help us decide if we want to buy it.


16 Famous Movie Quotes in the Worst Possible Context

One of the most popular genres of image memes is the movie quote over a screen cap in which the movie quote is being delivered. We asked you to remix some of your favorite movie quotes with moments that would be uniquely inappropriate.


17 Rejected Ideas from the New 'Call of Duty' Game

With 'Call of Duty: Black Ops II' coming soon, and a new 'Modern Warfare' type game coming out every year, we thought it was time to imagine some of the terrible ideas that didn't make it into the franchise.


What George Lucas Will Do Now: 19 Terrifying Guesses

After selling the Star Wars rights to Disney, George Lucas is wealthy in a way that mocks the idea of capitalism, and has a completely blank canvas for the first time in years.


Texts from Last Night (From Famous Fictional Characters)

We've seen so many vaguely entertaining exchanges that we started to wonder what it would be like if we actually knew who any of these people were. We asked you to show us, using some of your favorite fictional characters.


The Perfect Zingers For 15 Important Historical Moments

When time travel is invented, we're going to learn a lot about ourselves as a species. We'd imagine there will be those people who try to go back and right history's wrongs, but an underestimated subset will be the folks who use it to add the perfect zinger to those moments.