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The 15 Most Inadequate Silver Linings Ever

If a donut truck crushes your house, the dozens of boxes of free donuts probably won't make you feel that much better. We asked you to show us other grossly inadequate silver linings of bad situations.


29 Business Cards of Famous Fictional Characters

The best fictional characters are complex and difficult to pin down. We asked you to show us what it would look like if they were forced to sum themselves up on a Triscuit-sized patch of paper.


If Video Game Characters Had Free Will

What if video game characters weren't just puppets that had to do what your controller told them? What if one day they decided they were tired of being bossed around?


18 Famous Works of Art Redone in the Worst Medium Possible

These days, famous works of art get printed on mouse pads, motivational posters and various other places that would make their artists kill themselves all over again. We asked you to show us the worst possible formats for some of the greatest pieces of art ever.


If Every Celebrity Got Their Own Batmobile

Every famous person roles around in their own personalized, Batmobile style vehicles in the version of Hollywood in our mind.


23 Modern Gadgets After the Apocalypse

Based on their guns, swords, archery equipment and modified catchers gear, survivors in post apocalyptic movies all seem to loot sporting goods stores first. Here's what we'll do with the stuff that will be left over once the last Dick's Sporting Goods has been cleaned out.


If They Made Movies About Real Problems

>With the board game options thinning out, it's only a matter of time before Hollywood gets really desperate and starts making movies about everyday life.


20 Plot Twists That Would Have Made Great Movies Even Better

The only thing worse than a ridiculous plot twist is a perfect plot twist squandered. We asked you to show us some great moments that were never realized from the history of great, but twist-less movie plots.


If Every Video Game Side Character Got Their Own Franchise

TV shows and movies have never been shy about spinning new franchises off of supporting characters. We asked you to show us what it might look like if video games did the same.


15 Famous Products Advertised to People Who Never Buy Them

Occasionally a product will decide to expand it's reach to a new demographic, and the results are almost always hilarious.


If Schools Were Allowed to Use Sarcasm

They say that talking to kids requires you to speak their language. And while that type of reasoning has resulted in travesties such as educational rap, sarcasm is one language we're sure every teacher wishes they were allowed to use.


Movie Background Characters: Where Are They Now?

Movie background characters are wild cards. We asked you to catch us up on them using the magic of image manipulation.


14 Origin Stories of Real-World Villains

Fictional villains always have a backstory that perfectly explains the havoc they unleash. In the real world, we generally assume the biggest villains are the product of stupid luck, but what if they aren't?


If Video Game Universes Made PSAs

Public Service Announcements are still somehow the best we've got for teaching people how not to harm themselves, or at least for educating normal people how dumb people are harming themselves. We asked you to show us what they'd look like inside video games where the world is often actively trying to kill us.


13 Campaign Ads Romney and Obama Wish They Could Run

We have to imagine that there are some pretty ridiculous political ads that have been proposed and discarded as 'maybe a bit much' over the years. We asked you to show us the ones that are sitting on the discard pile of the current Presidential campaigns.