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2020-Themed Christmas Ornaments Are Now A Thing, I Guess

Move over, sexy hand sanitizer Halloween costumes, Christmas this year comes complete with glittery toilet paper ornaments.


Now You Know: 13 Facts That’ll Exert The Old Cerebellum

The kind of exertion that makes the world seem a little more fascinating.


Teen Girl Dates Godzilla -- Like Actually

And we thought we were into bad boys ...


18 Facts To Keep Your Brain Up To Date

You can't go on forever with the same old facts.


Japanese Amusement Park Opens To Give Remote Workers A "Workcation"

Need a break from the WFH life? Try WFFW (work from ferris wheel).


5 Real Horror Stories Ordinary People Got Trapped In

Warning: The stuff you're about to read is really scary.


The Term "Bone" Was Banned At Recent Paleontology Conference

And attendees had a b*** to pick.


So, The LAX Jetpack Guy Is Back

He's back, and jet-packier than ever?


Someone Left A Shrine To Mercury, The Roman God of Travelers, On A Subway Platform Because American Transit Needs All The Help It Can Get

Legend has it that if you leave your subway card and first born child at the shrine, your train *just might* arrive on time for once...


Bride Turns Her Mother's Wedding Gown Into Wedding Night Lingerie

Here comes the bride, all dressed in, lingerie made from her mother's wedding gown?


Send Noods ... Or Don't? Kraft Accused of Creeping With Mac and Cheese

At first Kraft's new marketing campaign went well ... orzo they thought.


5 Scary Questions About The Future (No One Wants To Ask)

Fixing the world means confronting these head-on ...