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At some point in the next 38 days, you're going to watch a campaign ad and ask yourself if these things could get any more stupid and immature. We decided to find out. What would the ads look like if they had to target 13 year-old girls? Or 10 year old boys? Or first-graders? How would they reach these new, powerful demographics?


Hey future. How 'bout you and your boyfriend Science go hadron collide us up a beer from the fridge.


15 Ways They Could Get People to Actually Watch TV Again

Our generation spends more time on the internet and gaming then they do just about everything else. Hell, you're probably on the internet right now. As a result, ratings are down all over, so the question is, what would the networks have to do to get us to watch again? Some ideas, courtesy of the generation they're losing.


The Terrifying (Inevitable) Future of Advertising

No man can know what the future will look like, but we're willing to go out on a limb and say that 1) there will still be advertising and 2) it will be even more annoying than it is now. Here are 30 visions of what might be in store.