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34 Immediately Rejected Rough Drafts of Famous Characters

They didn't just come up with Batman or Darth Vader on the first try. We asked you to show us the ridiculous early drafts that got laughed out of the pitch session.


19 Famous Photographs Before The CIA Edited Them

If the conspiracy theorists are to be believed, most of our technology comes from reverse engineering alien spacecraft. Assuming that applies to photo manipulation software, we have to assume that most famous photographs have been expertly manipulated to omit details that the public isn't ready for. A look at what some of our favorite images looked


23 Pranks That Fictional Characters Probably Get A Lot

Being the first to fall asleep at a sleep over party or the first to pass out at a kegger is going to be embarrassing. We asked you to show us what it our favorite fictional characters have to worry about in those circumstances.


27 Great Moments in History If The Internet Was Around

There are plenty of great accomplishments from history that have been passed from one guy who swears he was there, to a writer, to a painter, to a poet who needed something that rhymed with midnight clear. While te Internet isn't known for its honesty, there's something to be said for the speed and sloppiness. At least we're getting unfiltered acce


If History Was Written by the Losers

History is a movie that's written, directed and produced by the people who won the wars, made the most money and boned only the most distant of relatives. A series of images of what the world might look like if the people who got left on the cutting room floor still got to tell their story.


What 26 Video Game Characters Do With Their Down Time

Video game characters are like work friends. We only see them in their professional clothes, doing their job, trying not to let any dangerous hints of personality accidentally poke out. And like work friends, we'd imagine it would be a little jarring to encounter them at the Olive Garden.


If Error Messages Had a Sense of Humor

Most of us probably read more words written in error messages than we do from members of our family. That's almost certainly true for your parents, both because you're an ungrateful good-for-nothing, and because your parents are probably terrible at computers. We asked you to give some common error messages a little personality.


24 Things Other Countries Suspect About Life in America

There are lots of pretty ridiculous stereotypes about America. Americans who have traveled outside of the country, or encountered a European on


If Everyday Life Had an In-Game Display

There's more to love about First Person Shooters than just legal murder. A gallery of images depicting what every day life might look like if we could transport the in-game displays from First Person Shooters with us when we walked out the door.


20 Famous Images As Seen With X-Ray Vision

Sometimes a look under the hood tells you something you never wanted to know.


25 Car Improvements Too Awesome to Exist

Each year a new model of car comes out with new features that are rarely surprising. We asked you to show us some new features


26 Ads for Products That Must Exist in Video Games

The power-ups and weapons in video games pretty much sell themselves. But there are other, less heralded products that do the dirty work behind the scenes. You might not even see them, but they're there, filling the games with the idiosyncrasies we know and love.