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23 Classic Movies As Understood by a Five-Year-Old

Many of us spend the early part of our lives trying to act like we understand stuff we're too young, dumb and lame to actually get. Usually this will result in an embarrassing lie, or a mad cap adventure in a grown up body fueled by a carnival genie that's never heard of a synonym before. We asked you to show us what it would look like if instead,


20 Video Game Characters Before They Were Famous

Nobody starts out as a ninja or a globe-trotting adventurer. You have to work your way up to it.


If Theme Parks Just Didn't Give a F#@k

What amusement parks might look light if they decided they couldn't be bothered to worry about safety, or any of the other things sane people pay attention to.


If Historical Figures Endorsed Modern Products

Most historical figures existed before there was such a thing as selling out. They probably would be just as publicly refreshed by popular soft drinks as modern icons if given the opportunity. We give them that chance.


28 Great Movies From the Perspective of Minor Characters

Everyone's got a story to tell. If the henchmen were telling the story, Bond films would be called something like 'The Day Some Guy in a Tuxedo Killed All of My Friends.'


If Every Job Came With Bond Gadgets

What if, on the first day of work at every job, you were taken into a back room and given hi-tech wizardry disguised as the tools of that trade? We asked you to show us what it would look like if every company had their own version of Q, creating secretly souped up, geeked out, weaponized (down? whatever directions you weaponize something) gadgets


16 Iconic Characters Past Their Prime

Sports and movie stars tend to stick around past their careers' expiration date. That's why so many of our real world heroes end up going out on such sour notes, and also why we love fictional characters so much. The credits roll long before they get all sad and desperate. Until now!


How We'll Really Use Cloning Technology

Whenever clones show up in pop culture, they're usually part of some nefarious, but morally ambiguous organ harvesting master-plan. That seems like we're giving ourselves a lot of credit, given what we ended up using the Internet for. We asked the Internet to show science how we really do.


25 R-Rated Scenes Cut from Classic Kids Movies

So much harsh reality and unresolved sexual tension has to be smoothed over in family movies to get their G or PG rating. We asked you to show us the scenes that got left on the cutting room floor.


26 Old-Timey Ads for Modern Products

Vintage ads are like embarrassing high school year book photographs for our entire culture, offering glimpses into the dumb asses we used to be. We asked you to show us some of our modern products as they would have been pitched by those dumb asses.