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25 Classic Movies Made Filthy With Needless Censorship

Whoever said that the imagination is a powerful thing must have absolutely loved smut. With the addition of black boxes, pixelization or bleeps, our imagination will turn the most innocent handshake between friends into a filthy hand-job contest. Or in this case, great movies can be turned into this ...


11 Real World Plot Twists We're All Secretly Expecting

In the movies, when something doesn't quite add up, you can always count on a third act plot twist to make sense of everything. We asked you to show us the plot twists that would make sense of the world we actually live in.


22 Video Games as Understood by Old People

Anyone who's ever received a gaming related gift knows that expectations should be directly tied to some combination of age and gaming experience. After having so many baffling interactions with our elders about gaming, we can't help but wonder what exactly they think we're doing with all of our time.


What 23 Background Movie Characters Were Secretly Thinking

Our artists use the magic of hindsight to give these cinematic drive by victims a voice.


If Signs Were Actually Helpful

Look out of the windshield of your car as you're driving through town and you'll see probably three dozen signs. Telling you how to drive, where to go and what to eat. So why are we always confused about those things? It's because the signs so rarely tell us what we actually need to know.


19 Smartphone Apps We'll Likely See in the Future

There's an app for everything these days, and more being created each second.


If The News Was Forced to Tell the Truth

For the same reason grocery stores make you walk 20 minutes to find the milk, news outlets are in a constant competition to find the most indirect route to the information that you actually need to know. We asked you to show us what it might look like if they were forced to tell you the plain truth.


23 Painfully Honest Valentine's Day Cards

People play Valentine's Day pretty safe. Kids send the same cards featuring famous cartoon characters. Adults use Hallmark to write blandly complimentary things to each other. Here's what it would look like if people used valentines to express the awkward, vulnerable truth.


If Famous Websites Had Real-World Locations

We asked you to think about what it would be like if we still lived in the dark ages, and to imagine your favorite websites replaced by brick-and-mortar locations.


24 Famous Paintings (With The Dialogue Included)

Everybody knows exactly what sucks about the great art galleries: they won't let you go in there with a sharpie and add hilarious dialogue to the paintings (trust us, we tried).


14 Realities of Romantic Relationships in Chart Form

Of all the things you see charted in elementary and middle school -- the human tongue, the color spectrum-- what to expect from romantic relationships would seem to be a pretty conspicuous omission.


If Classic Movies Used Viral Marketing

what the ads for classic movies might have looked like if advertisers always had to trick people into thinking they're not looking at an advertisement while making them look at an advertisement.


19 Classic TV Shows (If They Never Got Cancelled)

If the Internet can be counted on for one thing, it's losing their collective shit every time a half-decent TV show gets cancelled. But good shows have been getting cancelled for years, as have bad and mediocre shows. We asked you to show us what some of those shows might look today if they hadn't gotten the axe.