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If Video Games Had Gone With Their (Terrible) First Design

Every great video game is exactly one decision away from being a disaster.


23 Instructional Signs That Must Exist in Video Game Worlds

The vast majority of video game characters we come across are only on screen for a few seconds. In that time they often behave in surprising ways that would suggest they're receiving instructions we're not privy to. We asked you to show us the signs that are giving them those instructions.


When Hollywood Runs Out of Books to Turn Into Movies

Since Hollywood got her mitts on the Facebook story, we've seen non-fiction books adapted to the screen with a reckless abandon that surely foretells bad things for the movie-going public. We asked you to predict the non-fiction books that will be making disastrous appearances on the silver screen.


28 Modern Technologies as Misunderstood by Old-Timey Sci-Fi

One of the hardest things to get over when watching old sci-fi movies is how badly they'd misunderstood where technology was headed. We asked you to show us what the people who made those movies might have envisions if given a basic description of some of our most popular modern technologies.


What People in Famous Photos Were Actually Thinking

Famous photographs don't come with soundtracks or orchestral scores to tell us what the emotional tone is supposed to be. Therefore, there's a pretty good chance we've gotten the people in some of the most famous photographs ever all wrong. We asked you to show us what we've been missing.


The Worst Possible Gifts for 21 Famous Figures

We've all given and received gifts that left us disappointed, but it takes a special combination of bad luck and shortsightedness to give a memorably bad gift. We asked you to show us the gifts given to notable figures that would have either ruined their birthdays or ruined entire years for everyone else.


Tiny Changes That Would Have Saved Terrible Movies

There are plenty great movies that were one tiny mistake away from being great films. Hell, if the shark in 'Jaws' hadn't been a complete catastrophe, that movie could have been ridiculous. We asked you to show us some other tiny changes that could have turned terrible movies into classics.


Product Placement You Never Noticed in Famous Works of Art

Product placement has been reeking havoc on our major art forms ever since E.T. invented it by liking those Reece's Pieces so damn much. We asked you to show us what it might have looked like if this was always the case.


If Mother's Day Cards Were Honest

Mother's Day is upon us again, that annual pain in the ass of ungrateful little punks who don't know how much their mother went through for them.


24 Video Game Plot Twists That Would Have Blown Your Mind

Video game plots are usually pretty straight forward. And it's probably for the better, since we might be pissed if they messed with our reward after we've been working towards it for days. We asked you to show us the absolutely mind-blowing examples that would have made it all worth it.


18 Dating Site Profiles of Famous Fictional Characters

Unless it's a quirky romantic comedy, fictional characters usually just fall right into their most significant relationships without having to struggle too much. We asked you to show them to us in the context of the often humiliating experience of online dating.


21 Albums They Don't Want You to Know About

Music changes faster than any other art form. As an artist, keeping up with the trends requires you to either lie or have an incredibly boring social life.