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12 Drunk Texts Recovered From Famous Moments in History

ow that we communicate via text message, we have a permanent record of the stupid reasons that we do everything. We asked you to show us what history might have looked like if we'd always had written digital imprint of every drunken night out.


18 Disasters Caused by Misheard Homophones

Hom·o·phone n.: a word pronounced the same as another but differing in meaning, whether spelled the same way or not.


17 R-Rated Easter Eggs You Never Noticed in Disney Movies

There were hidden priest boners and adult words sky written into the Disney movies we grew up on. But we couldn't have caught them all.


23 Lifetime Statistics That Should Be Kept for Everyone

When you want to find out how your favorite pro sports team is going to do in a game, you can pull up countless stats on their athletes and the ones they'll be facing. But when you want to figure out which co-worker to watch it with over beers, you're at a loss.


20 Kids' Shows Made Filthy With Needless Censorship

Censorship is one of those thankless jobs that never goes as well as the dictator or Baptist Preachers expect. We asked you to show us how badly it can backfire using some of the most innocent entertainment ever made. The winner is below, but first the runners up ...


If Iconic Photos Were 'Touched Up' by Modern Magazines

Photoshop is a gift and a curse, and beauty is in the eye of the beholder. And some of the beholders in charge of modern magazines are apparently attracted to inhuman looking Barbie dolls. Here's what they would have done to timeless icons.


If Gadgets Talked S#!% Behind Your Back

Examining the terrifying existential implications of 'Toy Story's sentient dolls and action figures. But gadgets are the species of sentient inanimate object that would probably make things the most powerfully weird for the modern world.


25 Realistic Reactions to Famous Movie Lines

When a character delivers a classic movie line, the rest of the characters typically respond with reverential silence, or a witty complimentary quip of their own. They're being controlled by the writer who penned the amazing line, so they know better than anyone how brilliant that line was. We asked you to give those characters responses worth sayi


If Facebook Photos Told the Truth

Facebook offers the ability to 'tag' the people and events in a photo, but nobody tags the unspoken subtext behind why the person felt the need to post it at all. We asked you to show us what that might look like.


15 Innocent Mistakes That Probably Caused Huge Disasters

Most major catastrophes throughout history have many competing theories as to what caused them. Almost none of them blame innocent brain farts, despite all evidence suggesting that's what powers the real world that we live in.


If Classic Movies Were Forced to be Politically Correct

It takes creative and downright clever ways the forces of political correctness would have ruined some of your favorite movies.


15 Biased News Stories from Inside Video Game Universes

If you were to turn on the TV in the 'Resident Evil' universe, how would the activities of the bad guys get reported in the Umbrella Corporation controlled media? How would Bowser's actions be spun if he had a Fox News-esque channel spinning things on his behalf?


31 Great Things Ruined by Misspelling a Single Letter

You grew up thinking spinach made you stronger due to a misplaced decimal point. Here are some other ways that a single typo can have a devastating effect if you change or remove one letter in a word.


20 Terrible First Drafts of Famous Quotes

Great ideas don't just come out of people's brains fully formed, and the same goes for perfectly worded quotes. We asked you to show us the changes that took place between the first and final drafts of iconic quotes. The winner is below, but first the runners up ...